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Why Invest in Real Estate on the Island?

Abeokuta? No shade to Abeokuta, but I’m sure you understand what we’re getting at. There are vast opportunities available to you on the Island that you might not get anywhere else as a real estate investor. Lagos, a premier metropolitan city in Nigeria, surrounded by water bodies and separated into 2 parts; being the Mainland…

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Corona virus in Nigeria: what are the odds for real estate?

Coronavirus Sigh… Looks like one of the most dreaded things is upon us. Hopes that the coronavirus would be contained to China have vanished as the first case in sub-Saharan Africa was announced in Nigeria and stock markets took a pounding amid fears of a global recession. Nigeria’s first confirmed case was not detected at…

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Do You Know That Investing In Real Estate Is Better Than Saving In The Bank?

Some people feel that saving money in the bank is a good strategy for building wealth. Though it is very good to save, it is not a good wealth-building strategy. The gains of real estate investment far outweigh that of saving in the bank for the following reasons. 1. Currency always diminishes in value while…

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